Our clients are the drivers of the business. While we are in the business of providing quality heating and cooling services, we are also in the business of pleasing our customers. From residential to commercial, we provide services for a wide-range of customers.

The average lifespan of your A/C or Furnace unit is 15-25 years. In order to meet that, you need to ensure quality maintenance is performed on your units regularly. Check out some of our tips below to keep your heating and cooling units working to the best of their ability!

Check out what some of our customers have to say about us!

BVS Air Tips of the Day!

  • Change your filters on a regular basis.
  • Ensure you have a carbon monoxide detector inside your home.
  • Check breakers and fuses in your home before calling for a service call appointment.

One thought on “Clients

    We all have had this expierience You call a repairman To look at any apliance , and it is doomsday. The stories i heard from some very well known Ac repair companys . Sir these things have a life span of ten years. or the cost to repair is high your better of replacing it .
    We have a special right now Free installation. We can work you in this week get your family cooled of.
    And Than there is BOB VAN STONE.
    Let me see. Asked me first what I wanted. and would like to find out. And after inspection told me what i needed. Wow I was shocked.
    There are still REAL Profesionals out there. Honest down to earth With A real understanding of values.
    He fixed my system The next day , Made a special trip to get the needed parts. and that was 3 years ago and its still working fine.
    and the price I was realy shocked, I did not have to rip out my Credit card for less than $800.00 dollars

    Bob Van Sone has me for a customer for Life. I can give him the keys to the house and know that things are done right the first time and do not worry about how i am going to pay for this.

    Thanks Bob. You are one of a kind.


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